Composite Panel Solutions manufactures a wide variety of custom panels to meet the most demanding requirements of the architectural market. From rugged plymetal to light weight aluminum honeycomb to high strength carbon fiber faced nomex honeycomb, CPS can give you the building panel that meets your design and budget needs. We can supply raw laminated panels or completely fabricated panels including the installation system. From curtain walls to canopy panels to clear room walls and ceilings, the application and material combinations are endless. Our sales and engineering staff will work with you to choose the best of composite panel and installation system (if needed) to meet your requirements. Call or email today for help with your project.

Interior Wall
Decorative Stainless Steel or Aluminum Facing w/Plywood Core
• High Strength
• Low Cost
• Corrosion and Scratch Resistant
• Variety of Colors and Patterns

Canopy Panel
Aluminum Facing w/ Aluminum
Honeycomb Core
• Moisture Resistant
• High Strength to Weight Ratio
• Great Load Characteristics
• No Smoke or Toxic Emissions

Computer Floor
Fiberglass pre-preg laminate facing w/nomex
honeycomb core
• Impact & Abrasion Resistant
• Corrosion Resistant
• Low Thermal & Electrical Conductivity
• Great Strength to Weight Ratio

Counter Tops
Laminate Facing w/ Decorative Epoxy Edging
and Plywood Core
• Low Cost
• High Strength
• Corrosion Resistant
• Variety of Colors and Patterns

Display & Computer
Aluminum Melamine Facing w/ Aluminum
Honeycomb Core
• Impact & Scratch Resistant
• Great Strength Characteristics
• Lightweight
• Cost Effective