Composite Panels

CPS has been a transportation panel specialist for several decades. Built to your exact specifications, our composite panels meet the critical design demands for structural integrity, beauty and performance demanded by the public transportation industry. Our sandwich panels are used for many transit car applications including: floors, walls, ceilings, doors, tables and cabinetry.


• High Pressure Laminate Facings with Aluminum Honeycomb Core
• Moisture Resistant
• Easy to Shape and Cut
• Vandal Resistant


• Stainless Steel Facing w/Plywood Core
• High Strength
• Deflection and Impact Resistant
• Long Lasting
• Corrosion Resistant

Counter Tops

• Laminate Facing w/Decorative Epoxy Edging and Plywood Core
• Low Cost
• High Strength
• Corrosion Resistant
• Variety of Colors and Patterns

Entry Doors

• Stainless Steel Facing w/High Density Foam Core
• Corrosion & Fire Resistant
• Low Thermal Conductivity
• Low Electrical Conductivity
• High Strength
• Thermal Stability