DecoLite is a press laminated, sandwich composite developed to provide a strong, light-weight structural panel with thousands of applications. The GRP laminate provides strenghth, stiffness, and a waterproof bond. The panels allow bonding to many types of surface material such as Wilsonart® laminate, aluminum, stainless steel, wood veneer, melamine, rubber, and others. We have delivered custom solutions for light rail, airplanes, boats, limousines, buses, handicap transportation, architectural and many others.

Core Options:

• Foam – A variety of densities and thickness of fiber reinforced foam core
• Honeycomb – Many different plies of aluminum honeycomb core
• Wood – Plywood or balsa

Outer Skin Options:

Hundreds of options available including: Wilsonart® laminate, aluminum, stainless steel, wood veneer, carbon fiber, melamine, rubber and many others.

DecoLite Features:

• Extremely high strength to weight ratio
• Good sound and thermal insulation
• Low smoke and toxicity
• Dimensionally stable
• High impact and fatigue resistance
• Lightweight
• Exceptional cost effectiveness

DecoLite offers ease of use. The solid core allows simple joining and edge finishing. The skins allow bonding to all types of surfaces and is easily finished.

CUSTOM SIZES AVAILABLE. Give us a call to discuss your requirements or contact us at

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• Bulkheads
• Doors
• Hatches and interior partitions with fire resisting requirements

• Floors
• Walls
• Doors
• Roof & body panels
• Interior partitions

• Floors
• Side Walls
• Doors
• Partitions

• Floor panels
• Interior partitions
• Cargo containers

• Elevator panels
• Fire resistant fascia panels and interior panels