florliteIntroducing our new lightweight composite floor panels for use in the bus and rail transportation industries. Composite Panel Solutions has developed a laminated sandwich composite designed to provide the user with a strong, light-weight structural floor panel. The panels give the user superior performance over the standard stainless steel faced plywood panel without the high weight or moisture problems. The laminate gives it strength and stiffness as well as providing a waterproof bond. The panels are easy to use and can be tailored to standard installation and machining practices. The solid cores offer simple joining and finishing techniques, while the skins allow bonding to all types of surfaces and are easily coated or finished. CUSTOM SIZES AVAILABLE. Give us a call to discuss your requirements or contact us at info@compositepanelsolutions.com

• Mass transit
• Rail

• Plymetal replacement
• High strength and stiffness to weight ratios
• Dimensionally stable
• Can be worked w/out specific tools
• Good sound and thermal insulation
• Excellent moisture resistance

• High temperature hot press cure

• Balsa core
• Fiberglass mat on each side
• Phenolic resin impregnated
• Fire retardant foam edges
• Foam inserts wherever penetration is needed
• Edge details and panel dimensions as needed
• Optional imbedded steel tap plates where needed

Meets following industry standards:
• ASTM-C-297
• ASTM-C-365
• ASTM-C-273
• ASTM-C-393
• ASTME162
• ASTM E-662