Industrial / Commercial

Composite Panel Solutions industrial use panels offer a variety of solutions for lightweight sandwich panel constructions. Stainless steel faced aluminum honeycomb panels can be used for kitchen and clean room areas. Laminate faced Nomex honeycomb panels offer low thermal and electrical conductivity for computer and security areas. Please contact one of our specialists to assist you in finding a composite panel that fits your specific design criteria.

Computer / Security Panels
Laminate Facing w/ Nomex Honeycomb core
• Non-Metal for Minesweepers
• Low Thermal Conductivity
• Low Electrical Conductivity
• Non-Combustible

Wet Area Panels
Fiberglass Facing w/ Aluminum Honeycomb Core
• Corrosion Resistant
• Moisture Resistant
• Low Density
• High Strength to Weight Ratio
• Non-Combustible

Clean Room / Kitchen Honeycomb Panel
Stainless steel facing w/ aluminum honeycomb core
• Corrosion Resistant
• High Strength
• Available in Decorative Finishes
• Joinery System Available

Counter Tops
Laminate Facing w/ Decorative Epoxy Edging and Plywood Core
• Low Cost
• High Strength
• Corrosion Resistant
• Variety of Colors and Patterns

High Pressure Laminate Facing w/ Aluminum Honeycomb Core
• Lightweight / High Strength
• Moisture Resistant
• Easy to Shape and Cut
• Vandal Resistant

Stainless Steel Facing w/ Plywood Core
• High Strength
• Deflection and Impact Resistant
• Long Lasting
• Corrosion Resistant