Navy Marine Panels –
Composite Panel Solutions lightweight composite panels meet the most demanding requirements of the US Navy. CPS has manufactured bulkheads, ceilings, sanitary partitions, doors, etc. for hundreds of Navy and Coast Guard vessels. Surface materials include aluminum, steel, stainless steel, fiberglass, vinyl clad aluminum and laminate combined with aluminum honeycomb, Nomex, stainless steel honeycomb, rock wool, fire retardant foams, Marinite, etc. We supply raw panels or completely fabricated joiner systems ready for installation. Some of the US Navy ship types we have provided products for include:


LSD – Dock Landing Ships
CG – Guided Missile Cruiser
AOE – Fast Combat Support Ships of Supply Ships
DDG – Guided Missile Destroyers
LPD – Landing Platform Dock Ships
LCVN – Aircraft Carriers (Stile type doors)
LHD – Amphibious Assault Ships
LHA – Amphibious Assault Ships
CPS honeycomb panels have passed the tough IMO FTP Code Parts 1 & 5. We have worked closely with the USCG and private testing facilities to find the right combination of core and adhesive to pass this test requirement. Our panels can be found on commercial vessels along with passenger ships such as the Delta Queen.

Pleasure Marine Panels
┬áComposite Panel Solutions’ wide variety of lightweight panels offers the most diverse solutions to the marine industry. Major yacht builders around the world come to CPS for the right panel for their needs. Our Decolite panels offer an array of short lead time panels available direct from CPS or from stock at our approved distributors. Please see the Decolite section for more details. Aluminum honeycomb and balsa core panels also come in custom sizes and configurations to meet your particular specifications or requirements. Please call or contact us for help with your needs.